Critical year for African mining

by Brendan Ryan | 28-Sep-06 05:00 | add a comment

2007 would be a critical year for African mining firms as the commodities boom encouraged investment by the US and China. However, the two countries had entirely different ways of operating in new mar Read ›

Barrick never wanted South Deep

by Brendan Ryan | 27-Sep-06 15:00 | add a comment

The $4bn Barrick Gold spent buying Placer Dome was never about South Deep, the 29 million oz gold reserve west of Johannesburg. Read ›

Aquarius Pt to become BEE pivot

by Brendan Ryan | 27-Sep-06 11:00 | add a comment

Aquarius Platinum said it remained focused on becoming the pivot for empowerment in South Africa’s bushveld, a region that had provided unhappy pickings for some of the country’s wanabee miners. Read ›

‘Disappointing’ Obuasi to lose 10,000 oz

by Brendan Ryan | 27-Sep-06 07:00 | add a comment

AngloGold Ashanti conceded its giant Ghana gold mine, Obuasi, had been a disappointment since buying it as part of the $1.1bn takeover of Ashanti Goldfields in 2004, said CEO Bobby Godsell. And a powe Read ›

Gold to average $679 in 2007: Murenbeeld

by Brendan Ryan | 26-Sep-06 19:00 | add a comment

Martin Murenbeeld has been more accurate about the future price of gold than most deserve to be. For 2007, the US economist is positive again but says investors ought to be mindful of short-term negat Read ›

Crystallex wounded by Venezuelan politicking

by Brendan Ryan | 26-Sep-06 12:00 | add a comment

South African mining companies know all about the travails of mixing politics and business, but it’s by no means a unique situation. Take Crystallex, the North American gold hopeful that once again to Read ›

Goldcorp founder weighs into consolidation debate

by Brendan Ryan | 26-Sep-06 07:00 | add a comment

Rob McEwen, the former CEO and founder of Goldcorp, launched a stinging attack on the gold industry’s majors claiming management had no incentive to pursue rewards shareholders want. Read ›

Stillwater may invest in SA platinum sector

by Brendan Ryan | 26-Sep-06 07:00 | add a comment

Stillwater, the North American palladium and platinum producer, was considering investing in South Africa’s burgeoning platinum industry, and may seek merger and acquisition targets to get there. Read ›
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