Banro would consider share split

by David McKay | 10-Feb-06 21:41 | add a comment

Banro Corporation would consider steps to improve liquidity, but first wanted to grow its resource base in the Twangiza-Namoya belt, a potentially fabulously rich but unexplored gold region in the DRC Read ›

Gareth Penny, De Beers MD

by Allan Seccombe | 10-Feb-06 11:00 | add a comment

"At the core of the strategy is organisational effectiveness..." Read ›

Roy Pitchford, CEO, African Platinum

by Allan Seccombe | 10-Feb-06 11:00 | add a comment

"1.3km is not deep for the fourth generation shafts that are going in..." Read ›

De Beers flags 10% output boost

by Allan Seccombe | 09-Feb-06 14:00 | add a comment

De Beers will grow its diamond output by 10% to 55 million carats in the next five years, said incoming CEO Gareth Penny. Read ›

Klaus Eckhof, MD, Moto Gold

by Allan Seccombe | 09-Feb-06 14:00 | add a comment

“I must say up front that the Congo is looking quite trendy...” Read ›

Charles Needham, CEO, Metorex

by Allan Seccombe | 09-Feb-06 13:00 | add a comment

“The target for production is 10,000 tons of copper/year...” Read ›

Julian Gwillim, investor relations, Teal Mining & Exploration

by Allan Seccombe | 09-Feb-06 13:00 | add a comment

“This is the beginnings of a major consolidation period ...” Read ›

Africa’s hotspots blossom, SA wilts

by David McKay | 09-Feb-06 00:00 | add a comment

South Africa played only a small part in this year’s Indaba mining conference in a clear demonstration that the money is flowing ‘north of the border’ into the rest of Africa. Read ›

Afplats emerges as a takeover target

by Allan Seccombe | 08-Feb-06 19:00 | add a comment

African Platinum (Afplats) chief executive Roy Pitchford reckons that once updated figures are released this quarter, showing a resource of an estimated 100 million ounces, his company could become a Read ›

Ferdi Dippenaar, CEO, Great Basin Mines

by Allan Seccombe | 08-Feb-06 19:00 | add a comment

"It’s an orebody of about 3 million ounces..." Read ›

Nevill Nicolau, COO, AngloGold Ashanti

by Allan Seccombe | 08-Feb-06 16:00 | add a comment

"We are looking to expand that resource to 9 million ounces..." Read ›

Gold slide supports Barclays forecast

by Allan Seccombe | 08-Feb-06 14:00 | add a comment

A correction loomed for the gold price but escalation of political tensions could inject more volatility into the metal, says Barclays MD Gerald Holden. Almost on cue, the metal lost ground. Read ›

Canada's Moto in DRC gold plan

by Allan Seccombe | 08-Feb-06 12:00 | add a comment

Canada's Moto Goldmines is bringing the Democratic Republic of Congo's Okimo resources company on board in a gold venture, the details of which will be unveiled this week. Read ›

Gert Gouws, MD of IDC

by | 08-Feb-06 11:00 | add a comment

"When we sell BHP Billiton, we'll use proceeds for Coega..." Read ›

Con Fauconnier, CEO Kumba Resources

by Allan Seccombe | 08-Feb-06 09:00 | add a comment

"We have a resource to sustain a 12 million ton/year ..." Read ›

Bernard Swanepoel, Harmony Gold CEO

by Allan Seccombe | 08-Feb-06 08:00 | add a comment

"I’m not a copper miner, but by all accounts this is a good one..." Read ›

Cash pours in to Uranium One offer

by David McKay | 07-Feb-06 20:00 | add a comment

If any further proof were needed of interest in world uranium, sxr Uranium One has provided it more than doubling the cash it initially intended to raise in a share placement programme. Read ›

IFM mulls takeover thrust

by Allan Seccombe | 07-Feb-06 19:00 | add a comment

AIM-listed International Ferro Metals signals its intent to embark on takeover strategy that will further consolidate South Africa's chrome industry. Read ›

Harmony throws open Wafi to buyers

by David McKay | 07-Feb-06 17:00 | add a comment

South African gold producer, Harmony Gold, has raised the prospect it could sell Wafi, a copper-gold project situated in Papua New Guinea. Read ›

Lionore considers chrome from Nkomati

by David McKay | 07-Feb-06 10:00 | add a comment

Tasked with examining the expansion of the Nkomati Nickel project, Lionore has discovered a large chrome orebody that it thinks it could mine. Read ›

$9.2bn of African mineral exports threatened

by Allan Seccombe | 06-Feb-06 19:00 | add a comment

African mines ministers say mineral and metal exports to the European Union worth $9.2bn are under threat by proposed legislation in the EU to govern hazardous chemicals. Read ›

Randgold promises gold reserves boost

by David McKay | 06-Feb-06 18:51 | add a comment

Randgold Resources CEO, Mark Bristow, says shareholders will get “a reasonable” increase in gold reserves this year. Given that the company’s reserves were last calculated at $375/oz, 2005’s restateme Read ›

Obiageli Ezekwesili, Nigeria minerals minister

by David McKay | 06-Feb-06 15:00 | add a comment

"We don’t want miners having their time wasted..." Read ›

SA miners linked to $10bn coal privatisation

by David McKay | 06-Feb-06 11:00 | add a comment

Nigeria is privatising its coal fields in a total investment that could top $10bn. At this year’s Indaba Mining Conference, the country’s minister is to ask for expressions of interest. Read ›
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