Metorex Ruashi mine exceeds copper production

[] — Diversified mining group Metorex said on Friday copper output at its Ruashi mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) exceeded June quarterly expectation of 4,500 tonnes at 5,245 tonnes.

The company also said in a statement cobalt output exceeded the 450 tonnes expected as 568 tonnes of cobalt was produced.

Metorex said the resource and reserve infill drilling programme was still on track at Ruashi mine and that it planned to report new resource and reserve figures in September.

“The Ruashi mine exceeded our June 2009 quarterly copper production expectation of 4,500 tons by producing 5,245 tonnes,” CEO Terence Goodlace said.

Metorex said it planned to construct a sulphuric acid plant to reduce operational risk and costs of importing sulphuric acid from Zambia.

The company said major works on the new mine tip, jaw crusher and coarse ore stockpile were expected to be completed by December this year.

Metorex also said major power outages were expected in August due to planned rehabilitation works at the Inga and Ngezi Hydro power stations, but it did not indicate the impact this would have on operations and production.