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Eskom plant gets US nod

Despite opposition by green groups, the US Export-Import Bank has given initial approval to help fund the Kusile coal plant in Mpumalanga.

The future of South Africa’s coal industry is not what it...

The future of the once-booming South African coal industry is no longer what it used to be or, to use another well-known old saw,...

Resgen edges to Boikarabelo financial closure as inks coal transport deal...

RESOURCE Generation (Resgen) said it had signed a conditional coal transportation agreement (TCA) with South Africa's transport utility, Transnet, for freight of 3.6 million...

MC Mining shuts gates to discourage looting spreading to Uitkomst mine

MC Mining, a coal miner operating in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal, said today it had temporarily suspended operations at its 70%-owned Uitkomst mine owing to...

Burned fingers at Eskom keeps WCC waiting

The empowerment partner in the Waterberg Coal Project said Eskom would not rush into a coal sales agreement with Waterberg Coal Company.

Goviex looks to uranium buyers to help fund $359m Madaouela

TORONTO-listed uranium development firm, Goviex, would turn to buyers of the mineral first to fund the equity portion of Madaouela, a project in Niger...

Keaton completes Leeuw takeover

Keaton Energy has announced the completion of its transaction to takeover a 74% stake in Leeuw Mining & Exploration.

Transnet puts pressure on the RBCT

Transnet CEO Brian Molefe is grinning from ear to ear as stocks build up at the Richards Bay Coal Terminal because TFR is railing coal to the terminal faster than it can be exported.

Keaton expects earnings boost

South African coal exploration and development company Keaton Energy Holdings said it expected to post significantly improved interim earnings

South32 may restructure Eskom contracts

Graham Kerr, CEO-elect of South32, may restructure coal supply agreements with Eskom in order to finance extensions at the Khutala and Klipspruit colleries.