Hollywood enters blood diamond fray

[miningmx.com] — ACTRESS Mia Farrow and models’ agent Carole White will testify next month about a “blood diamond” Naomi Campbell is said to have been given by Liberia’s Charles Taylor, court papers showed.

The two women’s names are on a witness list for Monday, August 9, that the prosecution in Taylor’s war crimes trial filed with the court in The Hague and which have been obtained by AFP.

The filing specifies that White’s evidence would take about two hours, and that of Farrow one hour.

The prosecution says both women have agreed to testify about the late-night gift allegedly presented to supermodel Campbell after a celebrity dinner hosted by then South African president Nelson Mandela in September 1997.

Campbell herself was subpoenaed to testify about the events, after refusing to talk to prosecutors voluntarily, and is due to take the stand in The Hague next Thursday.

Taylor, 62, has been on trial since 2008 for his alleged role in the civil war in Sierra Leone, accused of arming rebels in return for illegally mined diamonds.

He has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, rape, conscripting child soldiers, enslavement and pillaging.

White and Farrow, both present at Mandela’s dinner, claim to have proof that Campbell was given a diamond by Taylor.

White told prosecutors she was present when the diamond was delivered, while Farrow “was told by Ms Campbell the next morning about the gift”.

The prosecution alleges the rough diamond was among those Taylor had obtained from Sierra Leone rebels and took to South Africa “to sell … or exchange them from weapons”.