Rockwell recovers big stones at Holpan, Saxendrift

[] — Rockwell Diamonds said on Wednesday that during April and May it recovered three large gemstone diamonds from its Holpan and Saxendrift operations. The company operates the Holpan and Klipdam mines north of Kimberley and the Saxendrift mine on the Middle Orange River (MOR) southwest of Kimberley.

The Wouterspan mine, also located on the MOR, is currently on care and maintenance. All of these operations are located in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

The company said a 66-carat stone clean white (colour E to F) elongated and slightly flattened stone with minor inclusions was recovered from the Holpan operation during April, while at Saxendrift stones of 124 and 145 carats were recovered during May.

The 124-carat stone is F to G in colour, blocky and resorbed in shape and appearance and has a line of inclusion set along an internal flaw and the 145-carat Saxendrift stone is a light yellow (Cape), with rounded octahedral shape and inclusions.

These large stones have been sold into Rockwell’s joint venture agreement with Steinmetz Diamond Group and, once manufactured and sold as polished goods, will provide additional profit share revenue to the company.