Tuesday, June 19, 2018

THE pace of change in the global mining and metals space has accelerated. We used to talk about trends whereas now it’s about volatility....

THERE has been no shortage of challenge and controversy in the African mining industry in 2015. A few have viewed it as a unique...

Regulatory certainty is one thing in mining, but it's survival can be helped by expeditious and innovative restructuring - and that requires cooperation.

The modern gold mining company should have small, properly incentivised management teams with a handle on costs, and debt and capital allocation.

Anglo American Platinum has saved and refunded R3m to its workers by properly administrating indebtedness, but it's only the tip of the iceberg.

The world needs a uniform emissions standard, such as Euro 6, so that developing nations have access to the clean air enjoyed in Davos.

The South African government can amend its legislation if a court ruling proves the 'once-empowered, always-empowered' principle is supported in the charter.

Ben Magara, CEO of Lonmin, said the company had worked to address the distrust between labour and management since his appointment in 2013.

Mining firms have no option but to lock their black partners into BEE structures which in turn limits the scope for real empowerment.

IT has often been said that there are two incompatible animals when it comes to mining – engineers and environmentalists. But is that true...