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Eastplats shareholders approve $225m sale

Eastern Platinum said shareholders had "overwhelmingly" voted in favour of the sale of the company's South African platinum assets to China's Hebei Zhongbo.

Eskom 12% hike just the beginning

The 12,69% increase in the electricity tariff allowed to Eskom would be followed by other increases, development economists have said.

Mathunjwa draws line in sand at Amplats

Joseph Mathunjwa, secretary-general of Amcu, pledged to pursue all possible avenues available in law in an effort to stop Amplats' restructuring efforts.

SA gold producers to build more homes

South African gold producers intend to build and sell more homes to employees in an effort to ease the social pressures that led to the Marikana massacre in 2012.

Zambia starts repaying $600m in VAT refunds

Zambia has started paying $600m claimed in VAT refunds by miners after relaxing a law requiring exporters to produce import-export documents.

Central banks don’t understand gold

The world's central banks tend to buy gold high and sell low and have a track record of not understanding the metal.

Keaton restructures BEE shareholding

Keaton said its empowerment partner, Rutendo Mining, had exchanged shares worth 26% in a subsidiary company for just under 22% stake in the listed entity.

Govt approves conditions for fracking

The prospect of hydraulic fracking in South Africa increased after government published technical regulations on the practice.

Investors warming to gold again

After two years in the shadows, investment in gold is making a comeback with the NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index gaining just over a quarter this year.

Botswana holds inaugural diamond sight

Botswana's Gaborone staged the first day of its inaugural sight on November 11 when the world's diamond polishers and cutters met in the capital.