Community member shot dead during violent protest at Exxaro’s Grootegeluk coal mine

A PROTESTOR was shot dead on the premises of the Grootegeluk coal mine, said the property owner, Exxaro Resources.

The event occurred on October 20 during a protest by community members relating to the mine’s supply and procurement, social investment, and recruitment, among other activities, the company said in an announcement Wednesday.

The deceased was hit by a rubber bullet discharged by a member of private security that was responding to violent protests. Protestors attempted to set fire to a conveyor leading out of the mine.

Exxaro described the violent protests as “a parallel process” to discussions it has been having with Lephalale local municipality leaders, including Mayor Jack Maeko.

“Members of the community engaged in a parallel process of illegal protests outside the structured process on a number of occasions during these consultations,” said Exxaro in a statement. The protests resulted in “… the destruction of critical infrastructure and the fatal injury to one of the protestors,” it added.

“Whilst the community unrest disrupted onsite activities, the impact will not be material to the mine’s production and sales,” Exxaro said.

Coal from Grootegeluk is supplied to Eskom’s newly built Medupi power station.


  1. The person he was not on the premises of Exxaro he was at the Bush trying to run away.
    But what is important is that really the community serious on the mine they are not benefiting out of the mine.
    Benefiary is only white people.
    For Exxaro grootgeluk mine not having a competitor is a problem that lead Exxaro to behave as if is operating on an Ireland.
    We want owners of the mine to come and audit or who is benefiting.
    Please chance the company called Exxaro and get company that is going to understand that they are here for mining not business and political actions.

    • Let’s hope you have evidence to backup your comments because half of the time the communities keep on disrupting operations purely based on half information which is just based on perceptions….

    • Whites benefitting? Really? You haven’t been on the mine. It is black owned. Most of the people on the mine are black. Even the GM is black. You only say it’s whites benefitting because you are not on the mine benefitting.

  2. When ignorance and desperation collide – on both sides of the fence!

    And then we expect them to get the concept of Zero Harm😂😂😂

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