Anglo delivers last of 10 Capesize+ vessels fuelled with LNG

ANGLO American said it had delivered the last of 10 cargo ships powered with liquefied natural gas after the Ubuntu Liberty completed its maiden voyage from China to Saldanha Bay where it collected a shipment of iron ore.

LNG fuelled ships are capable of a 35% reduction in emissions compared to vessels fuelled by conventional marine oil fuel, said Anglo in a statement to the JSE. In 2022, the shipping industry was responsible for nearly 3% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, it said.

Anglo now charters the largest LNG dual-fuelled Capesize+ fleet in the world, said Matt Walker, CEO of Anglo American’s marketing business. “This milestone is testament to our dedication to a sustainable path forward for our controllable ocean freight,” he said.

The Ubuntu fleet is part of Anglo American’s aim for carbon-neutrality for its controlled ocean freight by 2040 by which time the group also hopes to be carbon neutral across its mines.

Since the first vessel was loaded in early 2023, the Ubuntu fleet has moved 6.4 million tons of iron ore and steelmaking globally conducting over 30 refuelling stops for LNG in strategic ports in Singapore and Malaysia, Anglo said.