Thursday, September 20, 2018

Anglo American CEO Cynthia Carroll has been talking up fuel cell applications at COP17, but this technology has been around since "Ma fell off the bus".

De Beers and Minas Rio are providing early impetus to Anglo American's attempts at recovery. Interestingly, they were both the judgements of Cynthia Carroll.

Legal experts are concerned regarding amendments to the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act. Here are three key bones of contention...

IS it possible that given the nature of South African politics, the Chamber of Mines' application for a declaratory order from the High Court regarding...

What could be big enough for Mvelaphanda Resources to abandon its strategy of unbundling its shares, asks David Mckay.

Gold Fields needs its South Deep mine to start ramping up successfully which makes wage talks from end-May something of a crucible moment for the group.

The warring parties at Lonmin are no closer to any sort of peace agreement as 2,000 workers warn management to close all mines or run the risk of being killed.

It was tough to be a gold miner in 2012, tougher still to be a developing gold company, while industrial action shredded some stocks. Yet there were winners too.

Not all of South Africa’s precious metal companies are collapsing in a heap. Those with assets in a single postcode are doing better in the current market.

Patrice Motsepe, chairman of African Rainbow Minerals, doesn't tolerate other under-performing assets in the group ... except for its 14.6% stake in Harmony.