Metal Heads

Black business stymied by BEE lock-in clauses

Mining firms have no option but to lock their black partners into BEE structures which in turn limits the scope for real empowerment.

Time to honour Jo’burg’s gold legacy

Johannesburg has a rich legacy in gold mining, but mining firms today will fail that legacy if they fail to give back to communities.

Folly in taking mining charter to court

The potential knock-on effects of seeking legal clarity on aspects of the mining charter could result in protracted delays, rejoinders and sector uncertainty.

New tripartite alliance needed for SA mining

Industrial companies innovate constantly and assume lower prices will prevail in future. Mining companies used to operate like that. Now they have to again.

Miners must embrace change to survive

Regulatory certainty is one thing in mining, but it's survival can be helped by expeditious and innovative restructuring - and that requires cooperation.

SA govt must act on water licence changes

Changes to water licence legislation is a step in the right direction, but to make them a success, the South African government must improve its implementation.

Now is the time to invest in mining

It may sound bloody-minded, but now is the time to back mining whilst tomorrow's supply deficit is being written today, says MSA Group MD, Keith Scott.

Time for South Africans to face tough truths

It is time for South Africans to face three tough truths if the country is to make the best of its mineral endowement, writes Anglo American CEO, Mark Cutifani.

Expect another year of pain for mining firms

Despite talk of stimulus measures, it would appear that China will not provide the trampoline effect for which the mining sector was hoping in 2015.

Mineworker lot can be improved in 2015

TEBA's Graham Herbert sets out some of the initiatives that will improve the lot mineworkers, and why we can be optimistic about the labour market in 2015.