CRG head of mining to resign

[] — Central Rand Gold said Wednesday that Don Harper, Head of Mining, has informed the company of his intention to resign as he intends to return to Perth, Western Australia, for family reasons.

Since Harper’s appointment in June 2009 CRG has developed a new mining plan and built a new mining and metallurgical team that has successfully proven the economic viability of the company’s first mine.

The team, which includes amongst others Australian Contract Mining, has greatly improved operating practices and efficiency at CRG, the company said in a statement.

“Don leaves behind a capable and experienced team that will implement the operational plan enabling the company to commence commercial production during 2010,” CRG said.

Once production at CMR West has commenced, the next objective of the company will be to plan for the development of the adjoining mining licence area of CMR East and, potentially, the western part of the Crown Mines area. To this end, CRG will be seeking a replacement for Don Harper to work on the planning and assessment of CMR East and Crown Mines.

In making the decision to return to Western Australia, Harper has decided to accept a position at another gold mining company based in Perth. He has committed to continue to provide CRG, where required, with technical and operational advice until at least September 2010, to ensure his orderly departure from the company.

“Don was originally hired out of Western Australia to bring fresh thinking to the Central Rand Project and he has been instrumental over the last year in helping CRG to change its strategy and in the delivery of successful trial mining. With a young family which has remained in Perth for much of Don’s tenure at CRG, Don has decided to return to Perth this year,” said CEO Johan du Toit.