Lafarge Mining climbs BBBEE verification ladder

[] — LAFARGE Mining announced on Monday that it had been awarded a Level 3 status in its recent Empower-Logic BBBEE verification.

Lafarge South Africa recently reported a Level 4 BBBEE rating for Lafarge Industries.

The group said Lafarge Mining was still focused on further improvements and growth in areas such as skills development, management and control.

Bryan Rookledge, CEO of Lafarge Mining South Africa, said the latest BBBEE rating demonstrates Lafarge’s commitment to the significant progress within the organisation, affirming its status as a transformation leader in the Industry.

“Lafarge has realised the importance of transformation and the fact that because it is not an event but a process, a Transformation Strategy to guide the process is critical,” he said.

Thierry Legrand, CEO of Lafarge Industries South Africa, added: “Lafarge has indicated its ongoing commitment to continued transformation within its own organisation and the Industry as a whole. It is already heavily investing in
initiatives and projects that will impact on the sustainability and social responsibility of the business going forward.”