South Africa needs coal until 2040 at least, argues Menar Capital’s Bayoglu

Vuslat Bayoglu, CEO, Canyon Coal

SOUTH Africa will need to generate energy from coal until at least 2040, said Fin24, an online publication which was citing the views of Vuslat Bayoglu, MD and co-founder of privately-held mining investment business, Menar Capital.

“There are ways to deal with pollution from coal. There is technology for filters and on top of that there is carbon capture and storage technology,” said Bayoglu.

South Africa has about 118 years of coal resources left and the coal industry in the country employs over 80 000 people, so there is also a social aspect to the country continuing to use coal, he said. Bayoglu was commenting as part of a panel on the future of coal mining at the Mining Indaba conference last week.

“South Africa needs jobs to transform the economy and create stability in the country. At the same time, we need to deal with pollution, but we have to keep coal alive. We don’t know what will happen in 118 years, so South Africa should benefit from existing coal resources,” he said.

He said at the same time, South Africa needs coal mining for the base load of energy supply. Currently South Africa is producing more than 80% of its energy from coal.


  1. This is absolutely correct. It is ridiculous to suggest that SA should follow the political madness of reducing CO2 emissions which are really only a power play amongst developed nations. Coal is the basis of South Africa’s future power supply for many years to come and we should all be comfortable with that. We cannot afford to cripple our economy further by trying to move to renewables.

  2. I agree with Mike’s comments above. SA is a developing nation and can’t be compared with the first world. We have abundant coal deposits that we should use for development. Changing sources of energy is a process not an event.

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