Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I am frequently asked why our parent company, Vedanta, has been so particularly active in expanding its interests in zinc, one of the four...

WORKERS' Day, May 1 or May Day, (celebrated today, May 2) provides us all with a time to reflect. To reflect not just on...

THERE has been no shortage of challenge and controversy in the African mining industry in 2015. A few have viewed it as a unique...

It's a well established fact that well run companies with good orebodies and that can budget sensibly will reap the rewards when the market returns to health.

The mood at the Mining Indaba was relatively sombre because these are hard times for miners. Yet through the gloom, there are moments of commonality.

The world needs a uniform emissions standard, such as Euro 6, so that developing nations have access to the clean air enjoyed in Davos.

South Africa's mining sector has lost ground in its ability to attract international investment, but tripartite cooperation can restore our fortunes.

The view that the dearth of foreign direct investment in South Africa's mining sector is down to poor politics has been over-played.

The South African government is able to restrict water supply to mining companies during drought even if firms hold an integrated water use licence.

Platinum group metals have a vibrant, healthy future that far outweighs the current stresses in the market, argues Chamber of Mines CEO, Roger Baxter.