Thursday, March 22, 2018

Coal investment in Mozambique is transforming its economy. But there are dangers and hazards with welcoming multi-billion dollar investment to one's shores.

Analysts are finding it odd that Glencore, which earns a good deal of its profits from trading, would want an asset where it can't actually trade the coal.

After years of underperformance, platinum producer Lonmin’s prospects seem good - but it won’t be an easy ride.

Cosatu's economic paper this week, coming a week ahead of the ANC's national general council, is an important watermark deserving our attention, especially for the mining sector.

BHP Billiton has opened bidding for Potash Corp. at just under $40bn but other bids could follow testing the miner's resolve, and its balance sheet.

The appetite for luxury in these financially strained times remains stable, if not outstanding.

DRDGold's recent out-performance is all about forces outside its control. So while the cash is flowing it, it's a good time to find ways of exerting greater control over its destiny.

More transparency and an admission that years of non-delivery have brought First Uranium where it is today may offer minorities the persuasion they need to approve asset sell-off.

Aurora Empowerment Systems has lost the financial support of its Middle Eastern backer, but is promising to return in three weeks with fresh finance.

ONE of the more chilling moments of the past year was sitting among press at the Joburg Indaba conference in October listening to the...