Congo hits back at Botswana, saying elections are “irreversible”

Joseph Kabila, president, DRC

THE Democratic Republic of Congo has hit back at Botswana after the southern African country criticised the Congo for the “worsening humanitarian situation” which it said was de-stabilising the area, reported Bloomberg News.

Botswana’s Ministry of International Affairs blamed the Congo’s president, Joseph Kabila, for failing to hold national elections, and said that the international community ought to “pure more pressure” on the Congo’s administration to relinquish power.

The Congo’s Foreign Affairs ministry said that it “…┬ácondemns this way of behaving from a partner and member state” of the Southern African Development Community. The country was “resolutely engaged” in holding elections now scheduled for December and the process is “irreversible,” it said.

Kabila should have held elections in December 2016 but delayed them arguing it was in the interests of a stable DRC.